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Optimist Retirement Group

is a team of experienced advisors who came together under a common belief: The world is getting better all the time and our clients will prosper if their financial plans and investment behavior reflect that belief.

Why We Are Optimists

Imagine you retired thirty years ago and chose to invest in a portfolio of the Great Companies of America and The World[1] and never changed your strategy. You took no pains to manage your risks, you never chose “safe” investments or attempted to protect your principal - you simply invested for retirement with an unrestrained belief in the future. You invested like an optimist. 

The result: for every dollar invested in your optimistic portfolio, you would have received over two dollars to spend in an ever-increasing annual income and still have accumulated over ten times your initial investment. 

And the last thirty years were by no means special in terms of investment outcomes; the results have been similar for as long as market returns have been recorded. 

At Optimist Retirement Group, we know from experience that most investors do not approach retirement this way. Most investors take the cautious approach. They are concerned about loss, and their fears seem justified by what they see around them, which is an unrelenting stream of negativity. Just look at the headlines on any given day and you know what we mean. Financial journalism is no different. Looking for answers about how to invest, you are bombarded with uncertainty and complexity at every turn. When you find yourself on the threshold of retirement, fear is the predominant emotion, not optimism. The result is an inferior retirement experience for most investors.

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Let Optimist Retirement Group be your shield in this climate of constant negativity by providing the unvarnished truth about what works. Our focus on the facts is the foundation for a rational optimism for your retirement. Our most successful clients have learned to embrace rational optimism and focus only on what matters—their goals. Once those are clear, we work together to develop and follow financial plans that capture the superior opportunities available to optimists.

We are optimists because we know the facts and reject the fear. That’s why our logo  is a magnifying glass; the universal symbol of focused inquiry. History and experience have taught us that looking for opportunity for growth instead of certainty against loss creates superior outcomes for our clients.  As a result, we believe optimism is the only rational choice when planning for a thirty-year, self-funded retirement.

1 A portfolio represented by the Standard and Poor’s 500 index is available as an investment through an index mutual fund. Standard and Poor’s 500 is a capital weighted index reflecting the performance of 500 large companies. Investment data provided by the Vanguard Group. For full details of a comparison between an optimistic and pessimistic approach, please contact the Optimist Retirement Group.

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